photo backdrop greenscreen

Photo Backdrop Kit

We can provide you with all the parts you need to create your own photo backdrop to create some lasting memories of your gathering! Kit includes tripod for holding a…
LED ceiling lights

LED Ceiling Lights

These mini LED bulb strings are often used to cover the ceiling of a tent or venue to create the atmosphere of “stars”. We have specially designed power cables that…

Marquee Tents

Expand your floor space for your restaurant, cover customers as they wait in line, provide additional break space for employees
Condiment holder

Condiment Holder

An Ice-cooled condiment holder is a great addition to your bar.  All you have to do is add some ice under the condiments and you’ll be a pro!

White Folding Chair

This chair is incredibly strong and weighs only 6lbs. Provides an inexpensive chair for weddings or others events where you want white! Foot caps are injection moulded with tough non-marring…