25lb Rubber U-Shape Weight

Made of long lasting high density rubber, the rubber weights are the best way to weigh a product down in all conditions. They can be stacked up depending on how…
Tent leg extenders

Extender Legs

Sometimes you want your tent to be a little higher than normal.  A normal tent has an 8’ opening height. You may want it higher to allow for more visibility…
tent gutter


Sometimes you want to place tents side by side but if it rains you will get dripping between the tents.  This can be stopped by adding in gutters between the…
LOVE wall

Marquee Love Side Wall

This 8’H x 20’W wall with the letters LOVE as see through will made a great addition to a wedding event, anniversary, baby shower or even a birthday!

Marquee Tents

Expand your floor space for your restaurant, cover customers as they wait in line, provide additional break space for employees


25lb sandbags can be used to secure the legs of tents or pipe and drape and can be stacked to provide as much weight as is required.