Forced Air Heater

Suitable for indoor heating (unit must reside outside and blow heat inside) or for outdoor use. Great for heating enclosed area. Will heat up to 2000 square feet depending on…
Mister fan primary

Portable Misting Fan

Portable misting fan cools an area down by using a fine mist of water and air. Just add water and plug it in! 10-gallon water tank provides 5 hours of…
single table infrared heater

Infrared Over Table Heater

EnerG+ weatherproof infrared heater.  This heat efficient exterior heater offers 2 heat settings; 400 and 1500 W of power, for the most comfortable settings possible. Perfect for tents!  Now you…
large table infrared

Infrared Over Large Table Heater

The precision-engineered Ceramic Glass Infrared Heater provides premium performance that heats as beautifully as it looks.  Schott Nextrema® ceramic tinted glass combines high-temperature, thermal shock and chemical resistance, excellent infrared…