How can we avoid a second lockdown from COVID-19?

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It’s all about how we protect our community. It’s all about masks, physical distancing and small gatherings and large spaces.  Rowe Services is prepared to help with that.

We have created our small gathering packages that help you have family and close friends over in your backyard.

We have packages to make your family and close friend outdoor gathering easy to hold. Packages include tables, chairs, umbrellas or tents, a cooler, hand sanitizer station, sanitizer spray, cold water wash station and your choice of games to play with the family!


Games include: Bean bag toss, Bocce, Petanque, Croquet, Kubb, Lawn darts, Ring toss, Washer toss, Jumbo High Tower and Jumbo four in a row


Packages range from $295 to $795 including delivery and pickup within Metro Vancouver for a weekend gathering.


Add-ons are available including: Strings of lights, patio heater, table heater and additional games. We can even link you up with food!


Contact us at or 604-303-0650 for booking


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