How do I re-start movie and tv production and follow Worksafe BC guidelines?

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You can start shooting movies and TV series again and meet Worksafe BC guidelines.  A few guidelines are:

Limiting the number of workers / cast in any one area.

Rowe Services can help by expanding your areas:

  • Covering waiting locations with tents
  • Providing tables and chairs

Increased use of sanitization. Rowe Services can help by:

  • Providing cold water or hot water handwash stations
  • Providing hand sanitizer stands and sanitizer dispensers

Limit the number of people in any one area. Rowe Services can help by

  • Providing tents
  • Providing Stanchions or fencing for crowd control

Download our PDF flyer: Movies


Rowe Services is providing solutions to meet Worksafe BC requirements.  Visit our website at