Is there a risk from using a tent during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Every surface has a risk.  A tent is no different. At Rowe we clean and sanitize all tents before they are re-used.

Every tent is disinfected before packing and return to the warehouse to protect our employees

Employee will wear their PPE, masks and goggles

The outside of the tent will be ok, but the inside will need to the sprayed.  Employees will spray from the bottom and work up. They will spray all vinyl and poles and leave the product on for a 10 min dwell time.

Tent can be folded up wet as mold and mildew will not grow from disinfectant

Tent will then be placed in the truck

Employees will then take their PPE off carefully

When employees return to the warehouse they will clean the tent to prepare it for the next rental