How can a restaurant expand their floor space to meet BC’s restart plan for phase 2 re-opening?

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Restaurants are limited on their floor space usage. There are many different ways to expand your floor space and still follow Worksafe BC guidelines.

  • Place a large tent in your parking lot and expand seating capacity while keeping physical distancing guidelines.  You could even share the space with another restaurant or two and create a food court
  • Place multiple 10 x 10 tents outside and create pods with a single table for two or families of six. Add lighting and other décor
  • Add tables, chairs, heaters, fencing, sanitizing stations
  • If you have an outdoor area and don’t need a tent, use patio tables, chairs and umbrellas


What if my table space is full.  How can I protect guests that are waiting?

  • Adding a tent is great for guests who are waiting in line to enter or for picking up orders.


What if my kitchen space is too small to meet new guidelines?

  • Create an outside food prep area if you need more kitchen space
  • Add a hot water handwash station with soap


Download our PDF flyer:  Restaurants

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